• Big Tom Bloody Mary prepared in a tall glass with celery salt around the rim and a celery garnish

    Indubitably the best tasting Bloody Mary on the planet.

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Uniquely Spiced & Addictively Drinkable.

"Yo my nizzle, this is the best bloody mary mix I've ever had, fo shizzle"

Snoop D - Los Angeles

"If I was Guy Fieri, I'd be driving to Flavortown to buy some Big Tom"

Guy F - Flavortown

"This sh%# is so good I drink it with my pinky extended"

Emin M - Detroit

"This is the greatest bloody mary mix there ever was. No bloody mary mix is better than this. And I would know because I'm like really smart. And very stable."

Donny T - Florida

"Investing in many bottles of Big Tom has proven to be one of the most prudent long term decisions I've made" 

Warren B - Omaha

More Flavor. Less Salt.

Most bloody mary mixes skimp on quality ingredients and load up on salt to save money. You get pretend flavor, and a strange desire to drink a gallon of water after a glass of their mix.

Big Tom starts with the finest Portuguese tomatoes, then adds a special blend of 21 herbs and spices with a touch of lemon and a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Experience a bloody mary the way it was supposed to taste.

How much more salt is in theirs?

Zing Zang: 92% more salt
Mr & Mrs T's: 23% more salt
Cutwater: 35% more salt
V8 Bloody Mary: 23% more salt
Bloody Revolution: 88% more salt
Major Peters: 84% more salt

Thee Royal Warrant

Big Tom Bloody Mary is proud to hold a Royal Warrant, granted by Her Majesty the Queen.

Royal Warrants are a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services to certain members of the Royal Family for at least five years – we have now held ours for more than ten!

Even Her Majesty the Queen enjoys Big Tom.

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