Toppings, Garnishes & Embellishments

While we believe Big Tom Bloody Mary Mix can be enjoyed on its own without any toppings, life is short. Why settle for ordinary when you can top your bloody mary in a plethora of wickedly fun and delectable manners?

Here are a few of our favorites...


  • celery stick hearts with the leafy tops
  • half sour dill pickle spear
  • sea asparagus aka pickleweed aka salicornia
  • pickled asparagus spears
  • rosemary sprig
  • lemon thyme sprig
  • heart of palm
  • thick cut bacon strip


  • blue cheese, feta or jalapeno stuffed olives
  • pitted kalamata olives
  • shrimp
  • crawfish
  • cocktail onions
  • sharp cheddar or smoked gouda cubes
  • smoked oysters or mussels
  • jicama
  • kimchi
  • pickled okra
  • pickled garlic
  • proscuitto
  • salame secchi 

On the rim

  • lemon or lime wedge
  • sea salt
  • celery salt
  • old bay seasoning

In the mix

  • fresh grated horseradish
  • tahin seasoning
  • tabasco
  • sriracha

Shot topper

  • raw oyster in the half shell
  • smoked oyster
  • raw quail egg


Please enjoy Big Tom in whichever manner you prefer, preferably with pinky extended. Experiment & share, but please... don't ever drink your Big Tom like this:

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